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Hermione’s “Watson” Explores Life as a Muggle

When you crack the pages of Hermione Granger’s latest literary tour de force, Watson, get ready to expect nothing short of magic.

Watson tells the story of an intelligent, ambitious young woman named, of course, Watson. Much like the story’s author, Watson is a likeable and tenacious hero who has her heart set on freeing Muggle women from oppression and domination in all forms, both overt and concealed.

The eponymous Watson seeks to achieve her goals by becoming a world-renowned child actor, the fame from which she uses establish her Muggletarian platform of liberty, equality, and sorority. We won’t give away the ending, but suffice to say that how she accomplishes her objectives is both satisfying and unexpected – not to mention refreshingly mundane.

Although the story is presented as fiction, Watson smacks of real-life experience. As everyone knows (except her parents), Hermione comes from Muggle parentage, and her knowledge of the Muggle world adds a profusion of authenticity to the story.

In fact, the story is so verisimilitudinous – a lavish word I learned by reading Ms. Granger’s work –  that it has been rumored the author secretly lived as a Muggle during the writing of her latest tale, using the name “Emma Watson” as an alias. However, Hermione has consistently denied such gossip, insisting that she simply withdrew to a private retreat to compose her book in a relaxed and distraction-free atmosphere. Nobody is quite sure where the “Emma” comes from, and Hermione has not proffered any explanation for it.

Hermione may be best known for her role in the Battle of Hogwarts and her administrative work at the Ministry of Magic, but her newest venture is sure to solidify her place in literary history as well. Her previous books include a Modern English translation of The Tales of Beedle the Bard, several academic publications, and a chapbook of poetry she wrote on her honeymoon. (Hermione is married to an auror.)

Her publisher, Factorem Liber, has confirmed that Hermione is already working on a follow-up, tentatively titled Mudblood Maven, scheduled for publication late next year.

Watson is available now at Flourish & Blotts and wherever books are sold. Owl Prime and Whisperwing delivery available.